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Why Online Events and Livestreams Are Here To Stay

Livestreaming for event organizers is no longer a unique offering, but a must-have to stay connected to your audience. Now with the rise of online events due to coronavirus, virtual events could change the way all brands and organizers interact with attendees. A live video or online content strategy engages viewers in immediate and authentic ways that other formats cannot. A new study from ABI forecasts that by 2024 there will be 91 million users that utilize live video streaming. Refocus your event strategy to stay connected with fans during these changing times by monetizing an online event or livestream.

Take your events online today

You don't need a sophisticated camera or equipment to get started with our online events feature; even a smartphone will work. Keep your brand relevant and attendees engaged by livestreaming or offering online content.

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Online Ticketing + Livestream Access + Powerful Social Tools

Big Tickets makes it easy to create an online event landing page where you can embed or link to many popular video services. We offer custom branding, promo codes, and password-protected content so you can monetize your streams or online content. Most of all, our team is here to support our current and future partners to provide unique features for virtual events. Contact our team today and tell us about your virtual event.

Exclusive access for your fans

We make it easy to upload videos and online content that you can associate with different ticket types. Control who gets access to what content.

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Effortlessly stream

Our simple set up process makes adding a new online event a breeze. Choose your favorite video platform and link to the content through our digital access page.

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Promote and engage

Amplify your online event with our social engagement tools. Invite attendees to join you online, and follow-up post event with surveys and more through our integration with Zapier.

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Post any digital content

We've built our virtual events feature to play well with popular platforms like Zoom, YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, and more.

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Customize the branding

Create a seamless experience for purchasers and control your brand by customizing your digital pages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is Big Tickets going to launch virtual event support?

We're launching the first iteration of our digital access in the next couple weeks and we'll continue to develop new features in the coming weeks as we receive more feedback from our partners.

2. How will the cost compare to your normal pricing for live events?

We will be making our digital event pricing simple and transparent, but for now we're only providing custom quotes based on your needs.
Contact us here and we'll be happy to provide a quote.

3. What exactly does your virtual access provide?

Organizers now have the ability to upload any digital content of their choosing and limit access by ticket type. This service will allow organizers to monetize their virtual events while capturing valuable attendee data. Our goal is to continue to build a more immersive experience with live chat feeds, social integrations, and support for add-ons.

4. Can we add multiple types of digital content?

Yes. Our platform will allow you to add and remove content in real-time and associate it with as many different ticket types as needed. Your digital access page will display all your virtual content whether it's live or pre-recorded.

5. Can we limit access by ticket type?

Of course, you can use Big Tickets to manage ticket types and ticket buyers will only have access to the sessions they've signed up for. We have unique access codes allowing them to checkout as a guest so they don't feel forced to have a log in if they don't want one.

Want to Learn More?

Our team will walk you through our pricing, key features, and best practices for event regsitration. Get In Touch.